Sanitation is absolutely vital in keeping an environment and the equipment within it clean and safe for humans to move around in and operate.

It’s also a type of cleaning that requires a real eye for detail and complete precision. By definition sanitation can only work if the entire environment is properly treated; cutting corners or leaving “gaps” in the process means the space will remain contaminated, and the contaminants will spread through the cleaned environment soon after. The sanitation process will be ineffective.

At Chemi Call, sanitation is one of our core offerings, and we take a great pride in properly treating all environments for our clients. A combination of industry-leading chemicals, and the expertise of our crack team of veterans means that we don’t miss the gaps, and any environment that we do sanitise can be guaranteed to be a clean, healthy environment.

We have experience in sanitising all kinds of environments, from the typical suspects, such as healthcare facilities and cooking environments, through to any unusual environment you can imagine. Our work ensures that businesses that have regulatory requirements around sanitation are able to meet their requirements, and those that don’t can still have the confidence that they are providing workers and customers alike with a healthy, clean environment.

Because we have such extensive experience in sanitation, we are always available to talk to you about your sanitation goals, and suggest solutions that will reach those needs. At Chemi Call we think of ourselves as genuine partners to your business, so please contact us today on 1300 415 524 to discuss how we can assist you.