Service Laundry

For large laundry tasks, it pays to have a partner who is expert in the field, who can understand how to keep large quantities of clothes clean, and the laundry equipment running efficiently and effectively.

Laundry services is a core pillar of our work. We have a long history in providing our customers with clean, well-maintained laundry environments, which in turn means clothing and other material can be cleaned to the highest degree.

Using a combination of our industry-leading chemicals and cleaning agents, through Chemi Call the laundry facilities that we maintain are care for are treated with an eye for detail that is renowned through Sydney for being best-in-kind. We work with our clients to train them on the day-to-day operation of their laundry facilities too, to help businesses implement best practices that keep the facility running smoothly between visits.

We are also available for emergency call-outs, as sometimes happens with environments that see a lot of dirt and bacteria come through them.

Through the effective maintenance of a laundry facility, an organisation can immediately create a healthier, cleaner environment for their customers. For this reason, Chemi Call has become an invaluable ally for a large number of organisations with substantial laundry requirements. Contact us today on 1300 415 524 to discuss how we can help your business achieve its cleanliness goals.