Services - Hospitality

For businesses in hospitality sectors, such as retail food chains, restaurants, cafes, function centres and entertainment venues, providing a hygienic environment isn’t just desirable; it’s mandatory from both a customer service and regulatory perspective.

Many leading Australian restaurant chains and brands use Chemi Call for our expertise and experience in servicing the hospitality sector. Hog’s Breath Café, Outback Steakhouse, and service clubs throughout Sydney have come to rely on us to meet all of their customer service goals.

Chemi Call has developed a finely-tuned system in servicing the hospitality industry. Our efficient, quality systems mean that we do not become a drain on a customer’s resources or time, but our thoroughness means that we don’t miss anything on the regular inspections that we provide to our customers.

Additionally, as part of our service, we provide our customers with training and ongoing support to ensure that they are aware of their requirements under the Australian Food and Safety standards. Our team of compliance experts are on hand at all times to address any queries that our customers might have around their legal requirements.

If you run a hospitality business – be that a large chain or a local café – contact the team at Chemi Call today on 1300 415 524 to discuss how we can become an invaluable part of your business.