Chemi Call Australia was founded in 1999. When Chemi Call saw that many Australian businesses were struggling to find a cleaning company that could meet their needs in properly cleaning and steralising difficult environments, they realised that there was a need for a company like Chemi Call. There was a requirement for a company which understood that each customer was going to have their own individual needs and regulatory requirements, and that would mean they needed to be treated like a valued partner, and not just a transaction.

That message resonated with the market, and soon Chemi Call had become the cleaning partner of choice for businesses as wide ranging as hospitals and hospitality, right through to industrial environments.

There was an opportunity for Chemi Call to develop its own cleaning solutions, to further customise the service that it could offer its clients. Now, due to that vision, Chemi Call is recognised as a genuine expert in cleaning technology and each of the vertical markets that it operates in.

That firm commitment to developing solutions designed for each individual customer has meant that Chemi Call has grown rapidly in headcount, too. The company now has 14 staff, operates throughout Sydney, and continues to refine the services that it offers so that it can service an even wider range of customers.